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My name is Jace, known as "Hersh" in the gaming community. I've been around gaming most of my life! As I got older I found myself in this community which started with the uprise of Call of Duty. Teams like OpTic, FaZe and others had inspired me to create my own path. I started early with YouTube content, Call of Duty content mainly. I then discovered Twitch and fell in love with the platform. I'm currently an every day streamer and Twitch Partner where I stream a variety of games. After dabbling in a few past projects, I took everything I had learned and applied it to Team Vove. I started the brand in May of 2019, and since then we have grown a respectable fan base. We have attained great members, and most importantly a family type atmosphere that is unmatched. Follow us on our journey as we make an impact in gaming, entertainment, and apparel.

- Hersh